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The first years we did work B2B for major companies to supply live music bands. Due to bigger responsibilities the consultancy was growing to be extended B2C. Soon all customers could pick a complete package or parts out of our established Special Event Concepts. Feel welcome to ask us about "Camelot", "Konzept Event Rokoko Live", "Fritze Bolle" and "Glory Days". Based on a routine team we supervise partners for technical equipment on sound and light systems. Consultancy goes on with MC'ing for product shows or service presentations, texting and graphics. 


To reduce costs (on travel and hotel expenses) we mainly operate with local musicians out of Top 40 bands such as Nena, The Baseballs, Boss Hoss, Haudegen, Bela B., Dick Brave (aka Sascha), The Drapers, Mukketierbande. If it comes to other levels, purposes and lower budgets we exclusively operate with acts such as Long John & his Ballroom Kings, Mint Tones, Hannes & the Vinyl Freaks. Beside bands we can offer solo acts, singer that work the stage with half playback. (In the past we managed the "German Al Pacino" movie legend Rolf Zacher for years.)


It was in January 2010 that we established a non-regular routine of our own swing music live events under the motto of "Capital Swing". Today we are proud of this proof of concept. Any applications for renting a vendor stand will be forwarded to the person in charge; if there is any interest you will be contacted. Feel welcome to register now as a supporting worker for the next event or to set your like on facebook/Capital Swing

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